Teal & Black

Teal & Black

Teal is the color of my energy.

Therefore, this is the primary color of my closet.  Teal is also one of those colors that looks great on everyone, it’s the miracle color.  Today I pair teal with black to come up with a professional modern look.  I like to mix the old with the new, and put a vintage spin on the outfit with a full skirt (yes there is crinoline).  I use a thick elastic belt to emphasize my waist.  Heeled boots give me extra height (like I need it), which is great when wearing a longer skirt.  The longer the skirt the shorter you will look.  I finish off the look with very simple jewelry, pearl studs and just a couple of bracelets.  Choosing to go with a smokey cat eye and natural lip complete the vintage look.  There you go!  A great way modern professional outfit with a vintage twist.  

Questions or comments?  Leave me a reply and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

2 Comments on “Teal & Black”

  1. Target has out a whole new line
    of tights of all kinds of colors for only five dollars a pair. I decided on the teal pair! But now what? What do I wear them with? I tried with a black sweater dress and my husband told me I look like a leprechaun. Any suggestions?


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