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I lived in Corvallis Oregon for a year while my husband finished his graduate degree.  With in the first couple days of moving there I started passing out resumes – I was bored out of my mind.  When I walked into Second Glance the sales associate was extremely friendly and promised she would pass my resume along.  Sure enough later that day Nancy called me and asked me to come in for an interview.  I was hired on the spot and started that weekend.  I enjoyed working for Second Glance but I loved the shopping even more!

A Brief History

Nancy has done a phenomenal job and has created her own empire in Corvallis consisting of three consignment shops – The Main Shop, The Annex and The Alley.  She opened Second Glance’s Main Shop over 30 years ago.  The Main Shop is 1600 square feet with a large shopping area and beautiful front window displays.  This shop caters to all women and carries everything from fabulous shoes and hand bags to premium denim and the perfect necklace to complete an outfit.  The Annex has been open for just over five years and is geared toward teens and college students.  Here you can find that fabulous Betsey Johnson dress for prom, the perfect accessory for a night out or a great pair of Hudson premium denim jeans.  The final location opened two years ago, The Alley.  I spent a great deal of time at this location outfitting my husband.  Nancy know exactly what gentlemen in Corvallis need – game day wear, casual wear, a nice slick suit and above all else beer to take the edge off of shopping.  That’s right, you can enjoy a beer, watch the game (or Saturday morning cartoons) while you update your wardrobe.  All of these locations offer styling assistance and just recently they hired an in house tailor – how convenient is that?

“She announced that she was going to create her own business.
She was going to ‘play in a big closet everyday.’
But it wasn’t going to be thrifty. It was going to be classic, savvy, and chic.
Her revolving closet would be fashionable and sustainable.”

– excerpt from The Second Glance Story

The Main Shop

The main shop is laid out with an open floor plan, one large room and three fitting rooms.  This is the largest of the three shops.  It carries sizes that range from extra small up through extra large.  They accept clothing that is in excellent condition and there is no appointment necessary to consign items.  All of the shops are open seven days a week making it convent for all schedules – how awesome is that?!  A few of the best selling designers and brand at The Main Shop include : Eilen Fisher, Tory Burch, Boden, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Kate Spade and Caslon.  You are always greeted with a smile (sometimes even champagne).   The employees at the shop are very knowledgable and up to date with fashion trends.

The Annex

The best part of Second Glance – it is a family business & the manager of The Annex is Nancy’s daughter Jessica.  The Annex is a smaller floor plan but has the perfect amount of room for their inventory.  The first section when you walk in you find a rack of new arrivals, seasonal items and a wall of shoes – does it get much better than that?!.  As you make your way through the shop you find a large rack of very well priced premium denim, the sale area, and off to the side a rack of gorgeous prom gowns.  Turn the corner and you are in the fitting room area.  Four fitting rooms with the perfect amount of lighting and seating for those joining the shoppers.  A few of the must have brands are : Sever for All Mankind, Betsey Johnson, BCBG, Coach and True Religion.

The Alley

The Alley has a very different floor plan from the other two shops.  It consist of multiple rooms all housing different fashion selections.  When you first walk in you are greeted by a large bison head – Shamus.  Off to the right you find a large screen television, leather chairs, a rack of shoes, button-downs and seasonal items.  In the main area there are racks of jeans & slacks and best of all italian style new (not consigned) beautiful suits from the Prive line.  Walk towards the back of the shop and you find two spacious fitting rooms and sports coats.  The decor of this shop is undeniably masculine – a mix of a hunting lodge and sports bar, the perfect place to hang out and update your wardrobe.  Oh, and did I mention – Macklemore stopped in and approves.

401886_385317118181720_867176534_n-1But shit, it was ninety-nine cents!


(and yes they do ship)


Since my opinion may be slightly biased I included a few customer reviews of the shop.

“This place is absolutely glorious! This is the real deal consignment store. You can tell that the owner and employees go through each of the pieces of clothing dutifully before they decide what to sell.”    – Stephanie K.

 “I’ve been a loyal customer of Nancy’s for years and have watched her business grow from one to two shops.  Just this evening I bought a cute white jacket.  Let’s face it – in this economy every penny counts and at Second Glance you can look good and save $ at the same time (my husband likes that).”  – Kathleen H.

“I’ve gone in feeling tired and dumpy but Nancy doesn’t let you stay that way for long. Her enthusiasm and VERVE are infectious and I always leave with more than I came in to get”. – Cynthia S.

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