Cozy Gray

Cozy Gray

If you live anywhere on the east coast you know it is FREEZING out.

I am not a happy camper when I am cold, but fashion always comes first so I have found ways to outfit myself with layers.  This outfit is perfect for a calm, chilly day.  First for the layers – leggings with high socks, it is cute while keeping me extra toasty.  Pair a heeled slouchy boot with a hi-low modern dress to keep it feminine.  I belt the dress to emphasize my waist, giving me an hourglass shape.  Adding details is important for such a casual outfit, otherwise it may come off as just “throwing something together”.  I go with a black braided cable bracelet and simple stone cuff.  There! Now you are all set to venture out into this hideous weather.  Stay warm, be yourself & don’t be afraid to push your fashion limits!

Dress from :  Mint Condition Designer Consignment Boots from : Second Glance 

4 Comments on “Cozy Gray”

  1. This is such a great look! I’m now on a mission for tall socks and leg warmers – for the opportunity to fake a tall sock with some of my loose top boots. How do you know how high to pull them up above your boots? It there a “rule of thumb”?


    • A great way to fake leg warmers is to use cheap leggings and cut them off around the knee area. Tada! Leg warmers! (Target has really cheap leggings!)

      There is no “rule of thumb”, however the lower the boot, the less I usually show my leg warmers & vise vera with tall boots.


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