The Dyslexic Fashion Blogger



I have never been much of a writer, I am much better at talking.  Any class in which I had to contribute to a blog automatically became my semester nightmare.  So why am I doing this?  I want to over come my anxiety of writing and challenge myself and, most of all, share my love of fashion with you!

The Girl Who Never Meets a Stranger

Since I was a child, I have been great at two things, dressing myself and talking.  I am known as the girl that never meets a stranger.  Growing up, my mother said she was always worried that someone would kidnap me.  It frightened her that I would walk up to strangers in Walmart and after minutes of talking, they would say “goodbye Sarah!” (the whole ‘stranger danger’ was never apparent to me).  I practiced this talent so well that every garbage truck driver, plumber, and construction worker on our street knew my name, birthday and favorite food.  After time, my mother realized she no longer had to worry, my kidnappers would return me to escape the constant chatter.

This character trait has lead me to so many great opportunities in life.  The most recent is working in a fabulous consignment shop named Mint Condition.  I LOVE MY JOB.  I work in a huge closet, help women feel confident in their beautiful bodies, finding them clothing that emphasizes their best qualities.  However, after working retail for almost 8 years now I have come to realize how destructive shopping can be.  (Almost) Every woman  that comes in the shop at some point starts talking about her “flaws” – “my butt is too large”, “I have no boobs”, “I’m too short”, “I can’t wear anything that shows my arms” – the list goes on and on.  We need to become confident and embrace our bodies.  Our “flaws” are what makes us unique and beautiful!

I teach women how to embrace who they are and how to look fabulous doing it.

That’s what I hope you will take away from this blog – fashion advice & learning how to love and embrace every beautiful aspect of your body.  

3 Comments on “The Dyslexic Fashion Blogger”

  1. Ladies! The author of this blog is a former student. She is very fashion forward and will help you look and feel beautiful. I am excited to continue to follow her blog.


  2. Great work!! So wonderful to see you doing something you enjoy so much… And are so naturally good at, as well!! Remember how you always said that you hoped to find a career that you would enjoy as much as I do mine?? I think you’re on well on the way!!


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