The Girl Who Never Wears Pants

Now that I have introduced you to a couple of my outfits, I feel it is time to talk about my style and where it came from.

This has been years in the making – having a style that is unlike any other.  I pull styles from different decades and put my own modern twist on them, everything from 1940’s vintage, boho chic, casual punk and more.  Outfits are chosen with consideration of season, weather, mood and daily activity.  The images above have been taken over the years.  You will see one thing is in common – I never wear pants.  NEVER EVER.   Why is this?  One incident dramatically affected my style, a comment that a boy said to me in eighth grade.

*Before you read this next paragraph remember – I support and encourage women of all ages to embrace who they are and ignore bullies.*

I have an extremely flat butt.   I never really noticed it until a comment someone said to me in middle school.   A boy told me it looked like I had shit in my pants, he called it “poop pants”.  It affected me to the point that I vowed I would never again wear pants.  EVER.  And so it began, the collection of dresses & skirts.  To this day I still only wear pants a couple of times a year.  Not because I am still affected by this comment, but because it is now what I feel comfortable in.  I enjoy being overdressed and the most dressed up person in the room.  The comment forced me to notice my “flaws” which I now embrace, and it taught me at a young age how to dress to show my best qualities.  I have a small waist, I’m wonderfully tall and I have rockin’ hips.  Outfits that hug my upper body then flare or become flowy on the bottom look best on me.

Fashion is about embracing who you are, inside and out.  Be confident in who you are. Confidence is more beautiful than any physical trait.

Even though I continue to struggle not to point out my flaws when I look in the mirror, I have found that embracing my style and who I am has done WONDERS for my confidence.  I don’t care if I stick out like a sore thumb walking down the street, in fact I enjoy it.  I urge you to make a conscious effort to stop picking out your flaws and start loving who you are.  You are beautiful. Accept it. 

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