Winter Georgetown Street Style

Hello readers! I hope you’re all staying warm and toasty on this frigid February day. It is always a challenge for me to think of stylish and innovative outfits in below freezing temperatures.   I always find myself turning to my favorite black parka, meaning my look is less effortless and more Eskimo. I went […]

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Interview Attire – Artist Edition

This past week I visited my alma mater, Wahoo go Shepherd!, ahem, and was able to visit with some of my favorite professors.  While catching up with them, I mentioned that I started a “be yourself fashion blog”.  They asked if I would do a post on how to dress for an interview as an […]

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Shopping Feature – Second Glance

NEW SECTION! – SHOPPING FEATURE I lived in Corvallis Oregon for a year while my husband finished his graduate degree.  With in the first couple days of moving there I started passing out resumes – I was bored out of my mind.  When I walked into Second Glance the sales associate was extremely friendly and […]

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