I do my own photography for this blog.

In case you were unaware, I am the photographer for this blog.  My method? I use a tripod and a remote – (you may see the remote from time to time in my right hand).

This site was created to push my limits.  I needed to increase my writing skills, but after I graduated college I realized I was also in a creative slump.  This blog allows me to explore my creative side while documenting my passion for fashion.  It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

| New Born & Children Portraits |

Miss Kendall





Miss Jaeda

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this adorable little girl. Jaeda is six months old going on 16.  She is a DIVA.  I so enjoy getting to photograph infants and young children –  they exude joy and happiness well, until they are tired of being photographed.

I am now opening my schedule up to start taking more clients.  If you are interested in a photoshoot please contact me!  I would love to capture your  life’s precious moments!







| Wedding Photography |


rings_web copy


WEB_93J3243 copy





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