Fashion Feature – Rachael

Feature Fashion - Rachael


Since this is a “be yourself fashion blog” it only makes sense to show different types of style and personalities.  Every week I will feature one person’s unique style.  I am super excited about this new section.  I am always looking for inspiration!  Fashion unites us all, so make it your own and share it with the world!

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Fashion Feature – Rachael

I met Rachael her freshman year at Shepherd University.  She was one of my many lovely residents during my senior year as a resident assistant.  Over the year I had the pleasure of seeing Rachael’s awesome outfits and one of a kind style.  Not only is she rad at dressing herself, she is kind, halarious and confident.  Here’s to you miss Rachael, you fantastic fashionista!

Purple Yoga

Purple Yoga

I had a request to show my style through active wear.  TADA! – Michele this is for you!

I just started taking yoga. Actually, yesterday was my first time and I am hooked.  However, I am not a fan of pants – yoga/active pants are no exception.  I  choose leggings paired with a matching sport bra and a black jersey skirt.  Jersey material has a lot of stretch and is very breathable, it’s a great choice for layering.  I add leg warmers and a purple bangle to show a bit of personal flare.  When I wear something that I am physically and mentally comfortable in I am able to focus more on the task at hand.   There you go! My style in active wear.  Check in later this week for a fun & flirty Valentine’s Day inspired post!

Do you have questions about how to wear something or need a bit of help with your personal style?

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Fancy Friday

Fancy Friday

It’s Friday – Let’s get fancy.

Friday’s one of our busiest days at the shop & I love hitting the city with my hubby after work.  This calls for my fancy pants dress outfit.  This is one of my top five favorite outfits in my current closet.  The dress is Betsey Johnson, keeping it classy I add pearls & original Ray-Bans as my accessory.  (The necklace is the one I wore for my wedding!)  I LOVE to go over the top with this outfit so I add a huge hair flower, smokey eyes, and a vintage hairstyle.  This outfit is great as a day to night outfit – just throw a little blazer on with a pair of flats for the day look.  Transitioning to night add heels and hang that jacket up – time to show some skin! 
Dress, Ray-Bans, clutch & hair flower from Mint Condition

The Girl Who Never Wears Pants

Now that I have introduced you to a couple of my outfits, I feel it is time to talk about my style and where it came from.

This has been years in the making – having a style that is unlike any other.  I pull styles from different decades and put my own modern twist on them, everything from 1940’s vintage, boho chic, casual punk and more.  Outfits are chosen with consideration of season, weather, mood and daily activity.  The images above have been taken over the years.  You will see one thing is in common – I never wear pants.  NEVER EVER.   Why is this?  One incident dramatically affected my style, a comment that a boy said to me in eighth grade.

*Before you read this next paragraph remember – I support and encourage women of all ages to embrace who they are and ignore bullies.*

I have an extremely flat butt.   I never really noticed it until a comment someone said to me in middle school.   A boy told me it looked like I had shit in my pants, he called it “poop pants”.  It affected me to the point that I vowed I would never again wear pants.  EVER.  And so it began, the collection of dresses & skirts.  To this day I still only wear pants a couple of times a year.  Not because I am still affected by this comment, but because it is now what I feel comfortable in.  I enjoy being overdressed and the most dressed up person in the room.  The comment forced me to notice my “flaws” which I now embrace, and it taught me at a young age how to dress to show my best qualities.  I have a small waist, I’m wonderfully tall and I have rockin’ hips.  Outfits that hug my upper body then flare or become flowy on the bottom look best on me.

Fashion is about embracing who you are, inside and out.  Be confident in who you are. Confidence is more beautiful than any physical trait.

Even though I continue to struggle not to point out my flaws when I look in the mirror, I have found that embracing my style and who I am has done WONDERS for my confidence.  I don’t care if I stick out like a sore thumb walking down the street, in fact I enjoy it.  I urge you to make a conscious effort to stop picking out your flaws and start loving who you are.  You are beautiful. Accept it. 

Teal & Black

Teal & Black

Teal is the color of my energy.

Therefore, this is the primary color of my closet.  Teal is also one of those colors that looks great on everyone, it’s the miracle color.  Today I pair teal with black to come up with a professional modern look.  I like to mix the old with the new, and put a vintage spin on the outfit with a full skirt (yes there is crinoline).  I use a thick elastic belt to emphasize my waist.  Heeled boots give me extra height (like I need it), which is great when wearing a longer skirt.  The longer the skirt the shorter you will look.  I finish off the look with very simple jewelry, pearl studs and just a couple of bracelets.  Choosing to go with a smokey cat eye and natural lip complete the vintage look.  There you go!  A great way modern professional outfit with a vintage twist.  

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