Interview Attire – Artist Edition

This past week I visited my alma mater, Wahoo go Shepherd!, ahem, and was able to visit with some of my favorite professors.  While catching up with them, I mentioned that I started a “be yourself fashion blog”.  They asked if I would do a post on how to dress for an interview as an artist.  You see, artists are not required wear a suit and tie to an interview.  Artists should stand out and show their personality!  However, this makes things a bit more complicated.  How do I dress professionally for an interview while keeping my individuality? Well, by the end of this post you will know how to stay true to yourself, while looking professional and appropriate.

Overall interview tips for everyone (non-artists included) :

Good Hygiene is KEY.  Fresh breath, tidy nails, fresh scent, clean face.  These are the basics.  Your breath should smell nice, however do not chew gum during your interview. Carry a pack of tic tacs and pop one before you go in to insure you have no morning breath (brushing your teeth helps as well).  Next, clean your nails – nails are often forgotten about.  Nails should be trimmed – no long nails, and should be clean.  Make sure you get underneath as well.  Third, fresh scent – this is very important!  If you do decide to wear a suit you may get warm and start to sweat – you don’t want to go into the interview smelling like gym socks.  Wear deodorant but avoid wearing heavy perfume or cologne, your interviewers may be sensitive to the scent.   Finally, Make sure you have a daily face washing regime at least a week before the interview.  It will help cut down on ache and keep you looking fresh and clean.


Interview tips for the artist :

Footwear : When it come to footwear comfortable and sensible is the way to go.  This does not mean wearing athletic shoes or flip flops, do not go that casual. FEMALES :  I suggest keeping a nice pair of ballet flats or loafers.  If you do decide to wear heels, practice walking in them before your interview. MALES & ANDROGYNOUS : Loafers or wingtips are a fantastic choice – sometimes Toms and Chucks are acceptable, but this is in rare cases.

Hair :  This is where you can show your personality, but remember you do not want to distract the interviewers.  If you have a unique cut or color – shaved or brightly colored – keep the style tame.  Pull your hair back, and make sure to keep it out of your face.

Tattoos : The body is just another canvas and many artists use it to express themselves.  It is acceptable in many artistic interviews to have visible tattoos, but keep it limited.  If you have chest tattoos wear a high neckline.  If you have arm tattoos wear a 3/4 sleeve (it’s okay to show a couple, just not the whole sleeve).  If you are applying for an artistic position such as art historian working for a museum, or a teaching position, make sure all tattoos are covered.  For these types of professions more conservative attire is the way to go.

Make up : Natural is key.  Do not do any heavy make up – you don’t want it to be distracting!

The female artist :

FEMALES : Don’t wear anything too low cut or tight.  You don’t want to distract the interviewers from your fantastic personality and brilliant responses.


The male artist :


Another example of a wonderful interview outfit :


Males!  Check out these fantastic blogs :

The androgynous artist :



For more androgynous fashion tips check out : 


Still worried about what you are wearing or just have general interview attire questions?  Send me a photograph in your interview attire – I will help you figure out the perfect interview outfit.


Fashion Feature – Anna Boh-Monrose


About Anna Boh-Monrose


I met Anna in college.  She always had such an amazing presence about her.  She is incredibly poised and classy, yet she mixes an edginess into her fashion that is one of a kind.  I love the outfits that she shared with me for this post, but this is only a sample of the incredible wardrobe she owns.  I am inspired by her beautiful build and love that she is confident showing off her assets.  I also enjoy seeing the amount that she changes her hairstyle – it changes with the outfit and each one is dramatically different!  She is all about the shoes, ahem, heels (in case you couldn’t tell).

 Keep up the awesome work chick, you are rocking the fashion world with your trend-setting style.

Concert Get-Up


Last night I saw Ellie Goulding & Conway.

Let me just start by saying Ellie is amazing & her opener Conway was entertaining as well.  What an incredible time.  If you ever get the chance to go to an Ellie concert do not pass it up.  Just amazing.

Now let’s get down to business.  In high school I went to concerts multiple times a year.  Most of them screamo/post hardcore concerts where moshing was a must (I stayed far away from) but it was difficult not to come home bruised and damaged.  I found that my outfits had to come together around my footwear.  I stopped wearing cute ballet flats and began to wear whatever shoes would save my toes from breaking.  Let me explain, in case you have never attended one of these fiascoes. There are teenage men, and a couple of brave women who make a circle in the middle of the dance floor then proceed to “dance” (I don’t know a better word to describe it) as if they are fighting off imaginary ninjas.  Body limbs are flying around at what seems to be the speed of light – in reality it’s just the strobes giving it this feeling – and you do get hit if you are in the way.  I have even witnessed shoes fly off and hit people in the face.  It is ridiculous, but if done in a safe environment I’m sure it’s the workout of the year.  Now you see why footwear is key.  Obviously, I did not plan any killer mosh pits at this concert.  Nevertheless, I knew I would be in a crowd of drunk, high energy adolescents.  I choose my most protective footwear – boots that support my ankles and give my upper foot plenty of protection.  I spice up the outfit with funky tights and add a high low dress – that is actually a dress with a skirt over top.  The dress was too short, I increased length by layering an additional high low skirt.  I keep the skirt in place with an elastic belt.  I absolutely love the neckline of the piece, my husband told me I looked like cat woman and with my almond shaped manicure I found that very appropriate. I accessorize with simple jewelry – A steel cuff, silver necklace & non-hoop earrings.  I take the outfit to the next level with my hair and make up.  This is one of my favorite hairstyles.  I love it when women wear masculine hair styles. I contradict the masculinity of the Mohawk by making it my own with curls.  This is the CurlHawk.  You can achieve this look with the rollers that I introduced in my previous posting.  I top off the outfit with a smokey eye.  Now I’m ready to go!  I am dressed practically yet still stylish to rock out the night.

Outfit of the Night

I happened to see many other outfits that were seriously awesome last night.  I love it when people harness their inner rock star and go all out for concerts, it’s beautiful to see people comfortable in their own skin.  I have to admit though, the outfit that won my “best concert outfit award” is what Conway wore.  SHE KILLED IT.  She wore a spandex leather-esk body suit with a white hand print on her left shoulder.  To top it off she made it herself!  I introduced myself to her last night asking if I could feature her on here – I just HAD to let her know how much I adored her get-up.  I do not have an image of the outfit she wore last night, but this is pretty much it just in black.


Photo courtesy of Conway’s Facebook.  Check her out here.

So, there you have it.  The ultimate concert outfit.

Sarah’s Everyday Curls – Beauty on a Budget!

In addition to this being a tutorial, it is also the first post to my new section!

Beauty on a Budget!

This has been the most asked for blog post since I have started.  Not only that but people have been asking me for years how I manage to get such perfect curls that last for so long.  This is how!  Below I have a photo tutorial explaining each step.  However, I think it is much easier to see it done in person.  Therefore I made a video of how to put the curlers in to get the exact look I accomplish everyday.  This is my first tutorial video, so please understand if I look extremely awkward.


Oh and yes, this still image of me is extremely attractive.  I figured I would show you how I normally look.

Here is the video to show you step by step how to use these curlers.  The curlers used are called Caruso curlers.  They use steam instead of metal heating rods to heat each individual curlers.  Each curler sits on the steamer for about 8 seconds.  I keep mine on anywhere from 15 – 20 seconds because my hair is so thick.  I have had this same exact set since my senior year of high school, this set has lasted me seven years!  They cost $30.00 and can be bought here or here.  I did have to buy an additional jumbo pack because I have as much hair as a large horse.  Seriously so much hair!!!

Fashion Feature : Justin



Photography by : Nick Hess

A Little Bit About Justin

Holiday: Christmas
Super hero: Green Lantern
Color: Navy
Hobby: Thrifting, Cooking, Photography, Video games
Book: Blu’s Hanging
Decade: 60s – So much political turmoil and civil rights. Plus suits and chunky glasses were cool.
Designer: Allen Edmonds makes my favorite shoes, Zegna for suiting and pretty much everything from Visvim, J. crew and Bespoken

My style:

“My style is a blend of high/low fashion. I love wearing well made jackets with casual basics. Dress shoes with denim and ties with a well fitting shirt. Color is a huge driving factor for my choices, mostly involving navy or purple. And above all I want to present myself as someone who is able to create an outfit that someone else can just as easily wear. Whether you like it or not fashion is the first thing people look at and understand about you, so stop dressing like a slob and start impressing people.”