Sarah Marcella’s
Personal Styling & Closet Consultation


It’s time you have your own personal stylist.

It’s easy & hassle-free to set up an appointment. Just choose which package fits your current needs, take a quick online survey and let Sarah do the rest.

Ready to get started? Take the online style survey here.

Personal Styling Packages – Printable Version

Package I :
Your Personal Stylist $75.00 per hour

This is the perfect package if you are looking for one specific outfit, or looking to add a few new looks to your wardrobe. This session includes color, fit, and shape assessment to help you find the pieces that complement your body type.  Sarah will meet you in the comfort of your own home or at a shopping location.

Package II :
Closet Consultation & Wardrobe Renovation $275 for 2 hours

Okay, you are ready to dive into a new you. We will look over your entire current wardrobe collection and assess which pieces work best for you. This package also includes consigning and donating any items that are chosen to be removed.

Package III :
The Whole Shebang $575.00

Includes :
Closet consultation & clean out
Two hours of personal shopping time*
Photoshoot and edited images of the new you*

It’s party time. To start, we’ll review your closet. Any pieces that are not working for you can be donated or consigned. Next, we will head out for a day of shopping and outfit consulting. Finally, the session is topped off with a photoshoot, styled and shot by Sarah Marcella.
*Invite a friend for an additional $50 per hour



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