It Runs in the Family

Growing up, I was not always the best big sister to my little sis. I hated it when she tried to hang out with me and my friends. I hated that she tried to copy my comebacks, and at times, even used then against me (smart girl). There were times when I felt that she just wanted to be me, copying my every move. I would get annoyed and frustrated when my mother wanted me to include her in my activities. This is one of my biggest regrets in life. My younger sister is quite the phenomenal young woman. She is bright, a talented artist, and an advocate against bullying. I would love to say that she copied my actions, and that I had something to do with her becoming who she is today. However, I know that she has always been this way. Danielle is an individual, the type of person you are lucky enough to meet once in a lifetime. The way she speaks about her peers, stands up for them and holds her head high when others are rude, is simply amazing. All these years, my mother told me to set a good example, that my sister looked up to me. Who would guess that it turned out to be the other way around. I look up to this woman and her talents, accomplishments, and confidence. The images below are her senior portraits. When I took these, I wanted to capture not only her outer beauty, but her inner beauty as well. Our fashion sense goes hand in hand– she is never scared to try out a new look.

Here’s to many more years of a wonderful sister relationship – Cheer’s to Miss Danielle!






edit_IMG_5135 copy





1 Comments on “It Runs in the Family”

  1. Beautifully said, Sarah. It is apparent that you love your sister very much. An older sister myself (my sister is 3 yrs. younger), there are many challenges that come with the territory, and I know you are speaking from the heart. Here’s to two beautiful, talented and loving sisters, with everything to teach each other.


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