The Relaunch of The Lovely Thread

Over the past couple months I’ve done some soul searching.  I looked into different career avenues as well as taking on more side projects.  My photography has taken off over the past couple months and I came to realize, I’m right were I need to be.  At times, I can be very self critical.  Constantly, I challenge myself to “be comfortable with the uncomfortable”.  Though this is a great mindset, there are times life gets a little overwhelming and re-grounding to the basics becomes necessary.  Through yoga practices and the help of family and friends, I have finally come to a point of ending the self criticizing.  I’ve found that every morning I awake with a more positive attitude and I’m able to accomplish so much more when I’m not comparing myself to others.  So, what does this mean for my future?  I’m going to enjoy life, enjoy my awesome job, enjoy writing this blog and most of all enjoy and accept myself for who I am.

I’m so excited to share my fall fashions with you.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting tutorials for everything from make-up to how to wear boots for the season. One of my favorite cold weather fashions is the wrap sweater.  Any outfit that I can incorporate comfort, warmth and still be chic is a win in my book.

|  The Wrap Sweater  |






IMG_6449 copy


Get The Look
On Sarah  –  similar styles   |     Wrap Sweater   –  Shorts  –  Tights  –  Socks  –  Boots
On Shelby Grace   |    Scarf


To celebrate the relaunch of the blog, I am having a giveaway!  One lucky winner will get my two favorite cosmetic items.  These are great for everyday use and perfect to accomplish the “cat eye” look – tutorial soon to come!

How to participate  :
1. “Like” The Lovely Thread on Facebook
2. “Share” this post on Facebook – tag The Lovely Thread 
or Twitter @lovely_thread

Contest begins October 23rd and ends October 31.  One winner will be selected at random of those who participate. Enter as many times as you wish, one  share per day, per social media site.

6 Comments on “The Relaunch of The Lovely Thread”

  1. Welcome back beautiful!! I’ve missed you and all your fashion advice!! How do I enter in the giveaway when Ive already “liked” you on Facebook? I do know how to repost! 🙂 yea!!!! You’re back!!


  2. Delightful! This blog is executed with such style and grace. Love your photos and practical tips. Your delight in your craft and love for others is so refreshing, Sarah. Like bubbly champagne, it leaves me wanting more! Bravo!


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