Jewelry Organization 101



Are your necklaces always tangled at the bottom of your jewelry box? Are your bracelets buried beneath a mound of necklaces, bracelets, or watches? To deal with this chaos, I have turned an open shelf into a jewelry display!


Tiered black velvet jewelry organizers create satisfaction.

I purchased these lovely jewelry stands at my local Bed Bath and Beyond store. (I absolutely love this store!!! It has everything you need to organize!) The 3 tiered stand in the middle cost me $19.99 and the 2 smaller tiered ones cost me $14.99 each. Okay, they may seem a little pricey, but in the end you are saving money. Consider the cost of a jewelry box. They can cost between $20-$100. These three stands together were about $50. Using a jewelry box, or throwing your jewelry in a bag or on top of your dresser, will most likely cause you to end up losing much more money than the cost of these stands. You will lose money because many of the jewels will end up breaking due to the tumbleweed if a mess they are in or you may never ever wear some of them again because they are impossible to untangle!

The best part about this organization technic is that it looks fabulous! Of course, I had to color coordinated my necklaces and bracelets. I also separated most of my pieces by gold and silver. In the end, my project looks like a jewelry display at a store. I love looking at it! I’m excited to pick out a statement necklace or accessory to go with my outfit in the morning. It makes getting ready at the crack of dawn less miserable!

FUN FACT: I get much of my jewelry from fashion wholesale jewelry stores in NYC. The jewelry is dirt-cheap. I can leave the store with five necklaces, six bracelets, a couple rings and a few pairs of earrings for under $50. You would never know they are not top of the line. Sometimes these stores have a minimum-purchasing price of $100.  If so, move on, because chances are you will find many of the same pieces at the next store that does not have the $100 spending requirement. In Chelsea, a couple blocks from the flower district, between 5th and 6th avenues, on 27th and 28th streets, you can find plenty of these wholesale jewelry stores. So, next time you are there you must check them out!

I hope this post helps those of you suffering from a case of disorganized, tangled, jewelry mess blues! Jewelry is an important part of your outfit and not just because it is fun or pretty. Famous figure skater and film star, Sonja Henie once said, “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles”!

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