Empire Attire

Hello my lovelies!  I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June!  Where have the days gone?!  I have been busy (once again) with all sorts of odd-ball projects.  I have very exciting news – I am moving!  Not far from my current residence, just a mile down the road.  We are moving to a historic home that has been split into three apartments.  I can not wait to get settled in – the photography locations around our new place are AWESOME.

Now, let me continue with more exciting news.  This past week I spent a few days in New York City.  We celebrated my younger sisters birthday site seeing, shopping and best of all, seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.  Hands down best musical I have seen.  I knew the premise of the play, but was still shocked by the special affects.  Even going into the theater knowing who ends up with the girl, I still bawled my eyes out at the end – of course I want her to end up with the Phantom!

On to attire.  This trip I choose a theme – black and white.  This is a great idea if you are traveling, all your outfits will match!  You can decrease the amount of shoes and accessories – purses, jewelry, belts, hats, nail color & even make up!


edit_IMG_4717 I love topping off my outfit with the perfect hat – a wide brim hat kicks up the drama & is a classic look.

goodedit_IMG_4712 I love my belts. I bring emphasis to my waist synching it in with an elastic belt.  This is a great way to show
your shape in a piece that is oversize or made of flimsy material.

edit_IMG_4757 copy I don’t want attention brought to my feet – I want to focus on the outfit as a whole.  Going with a natural shoe over a
stark black blends & brings the piece together overall.




|    Quick Tips for Packing   |

Theme Pack – Pack colors that you can mix and match with outfits.  Take just a couple of bottoms and tops and make a different outfit each day.  This is also simplifies accessorizing each outfit.
Blow Away Wrinkles – That’s right.  You can use your blow dryer to get wrinkles out.  Hang your outfit & set your blow dryer to the highest heat setting.  Hold the dryer 8-12 inches away from the clothing & blow away!  Make sure the fabric isn’t wet when doing this.  You don’t want shrinkage to occur!
Simplify – If you are going with a group of girlfriends, coordinate packing.  Cut down on straighteners, curling irons, shampoo & other unnecessary duplicate items by planning ahead!

Items featured :
Jumpsuit – Arden B   |  Necklace, watch & earnings – Mint Condition Designer Consignment   |  Handbag & Shoes – Tory Burch, purchased at Mint Condition Designer Consignment

You can now shop Mint Condition online!  Check us out at https://snobswap.com/boutique/mintcondition.

1 Comments on “Empire Attire”

  1. This is so great! Loved meeting you at Mint Condition and shopping there. Defiantly added to my list of must shop stores when I come to the area! I love your tips for packing and traveling! Plus your outfit is so chic, totally perfect for running around NYC. Glad you had fun and got to see a play!
    xo, Lee


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