Fashion Feature : Brittany Sheree Custer



Photographer : Meagan Abell Photography

1979595_10152308261090700_2977245284723654361_nPhotographer : Meagan Abell Photography






Photographer : Chris Custer

|   About Brittany   |

Occupation :    Wedding and lifestyle photographer with an insatiable case of wanderlust!

Book or Author :   The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben. I’m a huge optimist…

Designer or Brand :   I love anything from J.Crew and Kate Spade to Free People. I’m also a huge fan of the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s; it all fits me so well.

Tell me a little bit about your style :   My style is totally eclectic. I really don’t care if something I wear is “in” or trendy. If I like something, I just wear it. And it’s funny… people always come to me for fashion advice and ask me how I pull crazy things off. The truth is, I just wear it and don’t care if I look unconventional. Confidence is the best accessory! And the style of the clothing really just depends on what mood I’m in! I go very business casual a lot of the time because I am a business presence, and I try to always dress like I’m going to meet someone important. However, ever since I decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to Coachella 2015, I’ve been in a Boheme mood and went nuts on the Free People website. A good 80% of what I own is either white or nude, and another 10% is black, and I own my weight in statement necklaces. And I can always appreciate little details that make an outfit girlie.

Brittany is a huge inspiration to me.  Her fashion sense and dedication to her photography passion is second to none.  You can tell from these images that she is a fashion chameleon, able to pull off a variety of styles and rocking them all.  I am in love with the first outfit shown here.  That red deep scoop back dress is to die for!  She went with a bohemian look, accessorizing with ornate chandelier earrings – what a stunning choice!  However, I must say, my favorite outfit by far is the second one featured (third image from the top).  That tulle skirt paired with Tory Burch flats and that multi-strand pearl bracelet – oh la la!  Tulle skirts are all the rave right now, and I must say she has accessorized this one perfectly.

–  Keep up your unique style chick, we are all digging it!  –

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