Rainy Day Pink


Yuck.  Monday was GROSS.

 Shelby and I got absolutely soaked on our photoshoot, and needless to say, she way not amused.


I pair the ultra feminine pink dress with the combat Hunter rain boots, giving the look an edgy feel.



This trench is fab.  The length of the sleeves is perfect for someone with abnormally long arms (I normally look like Frankenstein’s wife).   I also love that it’s belted, giving me more of an hour glass shape.  

Can we please just talk about how regal Shelby looks?!  She was born to be in front of the camera.


Um, hello!  These boots are so much fun!  Look at all those buckles – and the wedge, loving it!  I personally do not mind the “discoloring” of my hunter boots.  I have heard many complain about this, it’s all personal preference.  For this style of boot it takes the combat rough look to the next level.  


Shelby has not had enough time in the spotlight.  Check out her adorable rain jacket.  She is not a fan of the rain, and as we all know, dogs can get pretty stinky when they get wet.  This keeps the rain off of her keeping her comfy and smelling nice.


However, even with the rain jacket, she does not appreciate this damp weather. 

Dress : Consignment : ReFINEments – Shepherdstown  |  Jacket : Consignment : Mint Condition – Alexandria, VA  | Boots : Consignment : Mint Condition – Alexandria, VA

3 Comments on “Rainy Day Pink”

  1. Oh how I love this look! Dear Shelby is such a doll in her rain coat. I just love the boots and don’t mind the discoloration at all, it’s fitting. My last hunters can one discolored and one normal. I took a damp cloth to it and it rubbed right off.


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