Quick Post – New Hair!

Hello world!  I decided last week as the season change approaches, I need a fresh look.  I wanted something chic and modern, but not too trendy – something that would still allow me to stand out.  Bangs.  Yes!  That’s what I needed, BANGS!  So, last Thursday, against my husband’s wishes, I too the plunge.  I held my breath for the first couple of snips, but by the time it was over I had already fallen in love with my new look.   Here, take a look for yourself!





Here is my review of the stylist :

Previously, I cut my hair around 3 times a year – a stylist’s nightmare.  I do my own coloring and I am a chick on a budget.  PR at Partners is FABULOUS for anyone who wants to look chic and trendy without breaking the bank.  The atmosphere is energizing and modern and the entire staff is welcoming.

The real gem you can find here is Casey Matthews.  She is amazing and knowledgable at what she does.  I came in with split end galore wanting a pretty drastic change – straight across bangs.  I had not had bangs in a long time and was hesitant about the decision.  She gave me a great consultation and told her honest opinion addressing all my concerns.  Her rate is $45.00 an hour (absolutely unheard of for this area) and does a superb job.  I will recommend her and continue going back to her.  Not only is she great at styling but she is friendly and talkative – I LOVE a stylist who can carry on a good conversation.

I should mention, my husband LOVES the new cut. ( even though he was unsure beforehand )

I HIGHLY recommend Casey & PR at Partners as a whole.  Fabulous job.

Contact info for PR at Partners : 703-683-6600 Ask for Casey




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