Sarah’s Everyday Curls – Beauty on a Budget!

In addition to this being a tutorial, it is also the first post to my new section!

Beauty on a Budget!

This has been the most asked for blog post since I have started.  Not only that but people have been asking me for years how I manage to get such perfect curls that last for so long.  This is how!  Below I have a photo tutorial explaining each step.  However, I think it is much easier to see it done in person.  Therefore I made a video of how to put the curlers in to get the exact look I accomplish everyday.  This is my first tutorial video, so please understand if I look extremely awkward.


Oh and yes, this still image of me is extremely attractive.  I figured I would show you how I normally look.

Here is the video to show you step by step how to use these curlers.  The curlers used are called Caruso curlers.  They use steam instead of metal heating rods to heat each individual curlers.  Each curler sits on the steamer for about 8 seconds.  I keep mine on anywhere from 15 – 20 seconds because my hair is so thick.  I have had this same exact set since my senior year of high school, this set has lasted me seven years!  They cost $30.00 and can be bought here or here.  I did have to buy an additional jumbo pack because I have as much hair as a large horse.  Seriously so much hair!!!

3 Comments on “Sarah’s Everyday Curls – Beauty on a Budget!”

  1. Love this! I have always just tried to curl my hair with a curling iron and it never worked out the way your curls turn out!! I needed this!! Do you use any hair spray or anything before you set your curlers? Now I just have to find motivation to get up and curl my hair lol Thanks Sarah 🙂


  2. Great tutorial! I just ordered the curlers from are only 29.99 with 20 percent off your first order. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks Sarah!


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