Fashion Feature : Justin



Photography by : Nick Hess

A Little Bit About Justin

Holiday: Christmas
Super hero: Green Lantern
Color: Navy
Hobby: Thrifting, Cooking, Photography, Video games
Book: Blu’s Hanging
Decade: 60s – So much political turmoil and civil rights. Plus suits and chunky glasses were cool.
Designer: Allen Edmonds makes my favorite shoes, Zegna for suiting and pretty much everything from Visvim, J. crew and Bespoken

My style:

“My style is a blend of high/low fashion. I love wearing well made jackets with casual basics. Dress shoes with denim and ties with a well fitting shirt. Color is a huge driving factor for my choices, mostly involving navy or purple. And above all I want to present myself as someone who is able to create an outfit that someone else can just as easily wear. Whether you like it or not fashion is the first thing people look at and understand about you, so stop dressing like a slob and start impressing people.”

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