Tutorial : Epic Eyebrows

Epic Eyebrows

I love strong eyebrows.  They are the mantelpiece of the face.

My eyebrows are part of my personality.  When I have a conversation half of speaking is done with my mouth, the other half is done with my brows.  If you have never noticed that watch next time, I hear it’s quite entertaining!  This is why I make sure to always pay attention to my brows when doing my make up.  This tutorial will help you achieve a strong thick brow look.

There are a couple of things you will need, all listed at the top of the image.  All of these items can be purchased at Target – the brand ELF makes cheap brushes that get the job done.  As far as eyebrow maintenance I suggest threading.  I waxed for years, my mother is a fabulous esthetician.  She waxed my brows since I was in middle school and when I moved away from home I was forced to put the fate of my brows into stranger’s hands.  I found that threading gives me more of a defined shape and keeps my brows thicker – I LOVE thick brows.  Also, it’s said that waxing takes elasticity out of your skin because of the pulling.  With threading this is not an issue.

Still need some inspiration?

Do some research – look online at different brow shapes and see what shape works best with your face.  I have a very arched brow, you may have straighter brow, or brows that turn upwards.  Whatever your brow shape, work it!  If you have questions feel free to contact me.   I’ll try my best to help you figure out your shape and how to define that brow!

PS.  Please pardon my curlers, they are part of the morning routine. 🙂

3 Comments on “Tutorial : Epic Eyebrows”

  1. Girl, even before you started doing your brows, they still were perfect! You just made it more perfect after ahaha.
    I always have trouble getting the base part (closer to nosebridge) to look natural. That’s the hardest part for me since they are not even..


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