Fashion Feature – Rachael

Feature Fashion - Rachael


Since this is a “be yourself fashion blog” it only makes sense to show different types of style and personalities.  Every week I will feature one person’s unique style.  I am super excited about this new section.  I am always looking for inspiration!  Fashion unites us all, so make it your own and share it with the world!

 If you are interested in having your style featured email me

Fashion Feature – Rachael

I met Rachael her freshman year at Shepherd University.  She was one of my many lovely residents during my senior year as a resident assistant.  Over the year I had the pleasure of seeing Rachael’s awesome outfits and one of a kind style.  Not only is she rad at dressing herself, she is kind, halarious and confident.  Here’s to you miss Rachael, you fantastic fashionista!

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