Purple Yoga

Purple Yoga

I had a request to show my style through active wear.  TADA! – Michele this is for you!

I just started taking yoga. Actually, yesterday was my first time and I am hooked.  However, I am not a fan of pants – yoga/active pants are no exception.  I  choose leggings paired with a matching sport bra and a black jersey skirt.  Jersey material has a lot of stretch and is very breathable, it’s a great choice for layering.  I add leg warmers and a purple bangle to show a bit of personal flare.  When I wear something that I am physically and mentally comfortable in I am able to focus more on the task at hand.   There you go! My style in active wear.  Check in later this week for a fun & flirty Valentine’s Day inspired post!

Do you have questions about how to wear something or need a bit of help with your personal style?

Shoot me a email and I’ll do whatever I can to help! sarah.m.hallee@gmail.com

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